‘P’ainted Love: Part Deux

Hello again!  I can hardly believe that I was able to complete not one, but two posts this week.  Give me a second while I pat myself on the back……………thanks.

I promised in my last post (check out ‘P’ainted Love here) that I would be back with more ideas and pictures of my almost 11-year-old daughter’s bedroom.

Let’s just jump right in with both feet, shall we???!!!

A Quick Recap:  After much discussion and deliberation, my daughter Lily and I have come up with some basic thoughts that will inform her new bedroom.  Here are our initial ideas and musings.

Lily’s Room

Lily (in a nutshell): sweet, caring, sassy, funny, loves animals, interested in writing, reading, and drawing

Favourite Style: according to an easy Style Finder Quiz on REAL SIMPLE, Lily’s style personality is a tie between Cozy Casual and Sophisticated Classic

Favourite Colour: blue (she also likes green & red)

Room Theme Key Words: pretty, romantic, cozy, soft, old world, transitional

Room Features: odd-angled ceiling, lack of lighting, wainscoting, orange-hued laminate flooring, white furniture, black metal bed frame

Colour Choices:

Walls & Ceiling                  Wainscoting & Trim             Accent Colour                                                 BM French Canvas           BM White Dove                   BM Fiji

BM = Benjamin Moore

To give you a better idea of what we are working with, here are a few pictures of Lily’s current room.

This is the view from Lily’s door, looking to the right.  Dudes, my kid’s closet needs some major help — like, totally!  Lily’s desk also needs some serious TLC (will post on closet and desk transformations at a later date).

“Pay no attention to the ‘mess’ behind the curtain!”.

Moving to the left, please note the angled wall (or should I say ceiling?).  Poor Lily — she only has one window in her room, with no view…unless, you consider the side of a huge red brick house to be a nice view.  Oh, and this is her bedside dresser that I am planning on painting Benjamin Moore’s Fiji.  I think it will be uber-stylish.

Moving to the left some more, you will see Lily’s bed frame/ day bed from IKEA.  We bought this frame years ago. It’s IKEA name is MELDAL, which I believe is Swedish for hard to make.  Seriously though, we ended up taking off the front metal section, and are considering taking off the side that makes it a day bed, just so Lily can make her bed easier.  Though, what teenage girl doesn’t want a day bed???!!!

Here’s a picture of the original MELDAL day bed.

Super pretty, but not super functional. Sorry IKEA, I still love you.

A little to the left, we have Lily’s door…ooh..aah!!!

And coming full circle (or square, in this case), we have the view beside her door. The majority of our furniture has come to us second or third or fourth or sixty-fourth hand — you get the picture.  The dresser and mirror seen below were a set that came to us from a friend of Michael’s Mom and Dad.  I took the set apart, re-painted it white with black handles, and repositioned the mirror horizontally on the wall.  I plan on doing a similar paint treatment to her desk, and creating a work area fit for a queen rapidly growing pre-teen.

Note her ever-expanding collection of stuffed animals!

As you probably can tell from these photos, my daughter’s room is not exactly what you would call big.  However, I would argue it is a fair size: approx. 10′ x 10′.  My main beef with Lily’s room is the lack of a view.  Lately, my husband, Michael, and I have considered putting in a skylight.  This would bring in much-needed light as well as a nice view of the sky.

Okay, so now you have an idea of what Lily’s room looks like.  To give you a better idea of the look we are going for, here are some inspiration pictures I found online.

I love the old-world, country vibe of this bedroom.  It’s super soft, romantic, and pretty.  LOVE the creamy white on white with the addition of some colour — just the look we are going for.

(girl’s bedroom from House to Home)

I would have hearted this room as a teen.  Lots of light and room to move.  I also really dig the bold, blue headboard — it’s playful, yet elegant.  And, is that a disco ball??? You could have some major dance parties up in here!

(teen’s bedroom from House Beautiful)

Even though I know that they are a pain to clean, lately, I am totally crushing on sophisticated, chic, and romantic chandeliers in the bedroom!

(bedroom from Samantha Pynn via DecorPad)

In order to collect my thoughts, I decided to get all fancy-pancy and actually managed to construct a mood board for Lily’s room.

Behold my creation…

1. Paint Colours (see above or here for details)   2. Wall Decal, requested by Lily (find it here)   3. Furniture Inspiration (images found here, here, & here)   4. Bedding (find it here)   5. Bedding Accessories — lots of pillows and cozy blankets (find them here & here)   6. Lighting (find them here and here)   7. Colourful Rug (find them here and here)   8. Awesome Animal Artwork (find it here, here, and here)

Okay, that’s all folks!  Next week, I will dive into the creative process behind my 7 year old Liam’s bedroom.  Have a great weekend!!!

Image found here. Paint colours found here.


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