It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green

Kermit T. Frog sings the truth — “it ain’t easy bein’ green“.

This adage is especially true when you are a wall colour.  Finding the perfect green paint can be difficult; the wrong shade of green can look downright icky.

But, as our dear friend Kermy says:

green’s the color of spring
And green can be cool and friendly-like
And green can be big like a mountain
Or important like a river
Or tall like a tree

…and the frog is right — green is one of the most predominant colours in our world. Green = Nature.  What could be better than that?

Who wouldn’t want to add Mother Nature’s favourite colour into their home???  

To be honest, I have always preferred adding simple touches of green in my decorating, opting to use fabrics, plants, and other accessories to bring the outdoors in.  My son, Liam, however, has made it perfectly clear that nothing else but GREEN will do for his bedroom walls.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective), in order to find the shade of green that is just right for Liam’s room, I didn’t need to spend my usual billion hours searching through various shades online.  The reason for this is simple: I happened upon the warmest, richest, most amazing green wall colour I’ve ever seen, on the walls of my good friend’s bedroom.  When I saw this particular green shade a couple of months ago, I fell in love in a heart beat.

So, what is this gorgeous, groovy green that’s got me going gaga???

  Eucalyptus Leaf by Benjamin Moore

When Liam expressed that green was his colour of choice, I immediately thought of this colour.  Hooray, BM’s Eucalyptus Leaf it is!!!  Right?  Well, not exactly.   Here’s the sitch: Liam has a smaller-sized room (approx. 9′ x 9′), and, being that we live in a 1 1/2 story century home, his room has an angled ceiling.  See below:

While many folks paint angled ceilings the usual ceiling white colour, my preference is that rooms with angled ceilings look better painted the same colour as the walls.  That being said, I fear that BM’s Eucalyptus Leaf may be a tad too dark for Liam’s bedroom.  In the end, I chose one shade lighter — BM’s Rosemary Sprig.  According to the Benjamin Moore site, Rosemary Sprig looks good with navy blue.  This makes me super happy, as navy blue is Liam’s second favourite colour.  Yay!  I love happy accidents.

Take a gander at the colour choices for Master Liam’s new room.

Walls & Ceiling                     Trim                                 Accent Colour                                                      BM Rosemary Sprig             BM White Dove              BM Old Navy

I’m really hoping that Rosemary Sprig turns out to be as gorgeous as Eucalyptus Leaf!!!  We shall see???

Hey, want to see something cool?  Check out this neat feature courtesy of, one of my favourite new decorating inspiration sites.

Click on this link to see the ideabook I created for Liam’s room.

Pretty awesome, eh?  I will be using that feature again, fo’ shizzle (not too sure if I am allowed to say that, being that I am a white woman in my 30’s?).  Seriously though — check out, and create your own amazing ideabooks.

Last, but certainly not least, here is a mood board I whipped up for Liam’s bedroom revival.

1. Paint Colours (see above for details)   2. Lighting (find it here)   3.Bedding (find it here)   4. Storage for LEGO etc. (find it here)   5. Bedding Accessories (find it here)      6. Big Wall Letter (find it here)   7. Vintage Globe, Antique Map, & Lizard Picture (find them herehere and here)   8. Antique-style flooring (find it here)

What do you think???  A rich green with warm white trim and navy (and possibly orangey-red) accents — a perfect backdrop for a vintage-inspired boy’s bedroom, no?

Huh, so I guess I am done with the creative part of my kid’s bedroom transformations.  Nuts!  The creative stuff is my favourite.  Well, I’m off…got some prep work and painting to do, apparently!  Don’t worry — I will post my progress as I go.


Lyrics found here.  Image found here.  Paint Colours found here.


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