The “Hole” Shebang

Over what was a very productive weekend, I, like Robin, the Boy Wonder, played the role of sidekick.  Alas, the hero of this past holiday weekend wasn’t me — it was my handy-dandy husband.

Michael, having a tad more experience in filling holes than I do (wow, that sounded way more crude than I intended — seriously, no double entendre meant), was a total wizard attending to the gazillion holes in Liam’s bedroom walls.

Batman, I mean, Michael working hard. 

Sorry Darling, a hero never sleeps!

Michael really did a bang up job of filling each and every hole in the room (geez, the sexual innuendos in this post may soon rival Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, or maybe even the Austin Powers movies).


By contrast, my function as a sidekick this past weekend was clear: walk around the room, provide much-needed encouragement (but don’t actually do much), and repeatedly proclaim…

Holy Holes, Batman!

To prove that I was more than just a pretty face, I took it upon myself to scare off bad guys with my trusty gun.  Well, okay, it was a caulking gun.  And, I actually didn’t scare away bad guys with it, I simply repaired major gaps and cracks in the trim.

This gap was particularly nasty.

Revival Girl to the rescue…with the power of ACRYLIC!!!

TAKE THAT, you filthy, rotten gap!!!

All in all, in my role as sidekick, I’d say I got off relatively easy.  However, I’m sure to don my cape and be the heroine in this week’s painting adventure.  I’ll post (and likely glorify) my heroic deeds later this week.

By the way, I think a gazillion holes may be an understatement.  How did one little boy warrant sooooo many tiny holes over the last six years???

Does anyone else feel itchy, after seeing so many spots???

Lily’s room (fortunately!) is a different story.  Though, what the holes in her room lack in volume, they make up for in size and depth.


I really hope the filler we used in Liam’s room will work as well on Lily’s walls.

Lily’s walls are lath and plaster, which is very common in older homes.  As those of you who have lath and plaster in your homes know, trying to hang pictures is a nightmare — it can be a messy, tricky process that requires a lot of patience.  All I gotta say is: lath and plaster is a major pain in the neck!!!  I sure hope filling her wall holes isn’t too hard — fingers crossed!

Well, I’m off.  Much crime fighting prep and painting to be done.

In case you’re interested, here is the updated version of the work we have done in Liam’s room.

Liam’s Bedroom Checklist

  • take pictures off walls CHECK
  • organize toys, clothes, etc. CHECK
  • tidy up bedroom CHECK
  • move some furniture & other items out of bedroom CHECK
  • cover up furniture left in bedroom CHECK
  • patch up & sand holes in walls CHECK
  • wash walls, trim, & ceiling surfaces (correction: we actually sanded and brushed off surface particles with a small broom — this was a tip from Michael’s brother, a professional painter) CHECK
  • prime walls where needed CHECK
  • paint trim & door
  • paint walls & ceiling
  • install new ceiling light fixture
  • figure out what dresser & desk to use (buy new or re-use what we have — possible refinishing work needed)
  • purchase and/or make shelving & storage units for collections
  • purchase and/or find vintage maps & images to use
  • purchase and/or find jars and containers for collection display purposes
  • pull out carpet
  • install new flooring
  • put it all together

Image found here.

4 thoughts on “The “Hole” Shebang

  1. What the heck is living in that hole? My old house used horse hair as a filler for the plaster. I can just picture the builders yelling “We need more horses Men!” and the sound of a rifle going off in the background.

  2. Hey Mikey Mike…I have NO IDEA what, or who, is living in that hole??? I am honestly afraid to look in it! Horse hair, huh? Poor horsies!!! According to Wikipedia, “traditional lime based mortar/plaster often incorporated horsehair which reinforced the plasterwork”…so, I guess if my the walls in Lily’s room has a lime based mortar/plaster than it could also have horse hair in there too. Lily might find this fact interesting — she is totally in LOVE with horses right now! Though, I am not sure how comfortable she will be knowing that parts of Mr. Ed may be in her walls!
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Keep up the good work! I’m gutting the kitchen so I can feel/share the reno pain from over the internet. If you ever need a side story head over here – It’s a disaster area! A family of four without a kitchen, lets see how long we can last?

    • Thanks Mikey Mike! Wow – gutting your kitchen — exciting, but super hectic and inconvenient to be sure! I’d love to hear all about it…maybe you could write up a guest post with pictures etc.??? We will eventually gut our kitchen too…it desperately needs a revival.


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