Green With Envy

So sorry for the tardiness of this post.  I had a good excuse.  Michael and I just finished putting the last coat of paint on Liam’s bedroom.

And now, without further ado,


Liam’s brand spanking new and improved GREEN BEDROOM!!!

My apologies for the terrible picture.  The lighting was poor, as I took this picture around 10 pm.  And yes, I know this is only one corner of his room…I promise (pinky swear, even) to post better pictures asap!

However, I’m pleased to announce that I’m overjoyed with the colour!  It is every bit as awesome as one of my favourite greens: Benjamin Moore’s Eucalyptus Leaf.

See why I chose not to go with this colour in It Ain’t Easy Being Green.

As of right now, I feel that all other shades of green must bow down – Rosemary Sprig by Benjamin Moore reigns supreme!

Go Rosemary, it’s your birthday!

Okay, okay, okay…I recognize that there are many other really great shades of green paint out there, I am just REALLY IN LOVE with this one.  I have to say though, I wasn’t completely sold on it when I first opened the can of paint.  It seriously looked like cold pea soup.  Icky!  Although I actually like pea soup, my first glance at Rosemary Sprig turned my tummy a wee bit.

It is lucky that most paints darken once they dry, and this was no exception.  Benjamin Moore’s Rosemary Sprig went from an icky pea soup to a rich, earthy moss colour.  Perfect for a rustic, old-world, vintage boy’s room.  It would also be a great shade to use in a den or library!

The trim colour we used was also lovely.  It’s White Dove by Benjamin Moore.

Nervous that it wouldn’t be creamy enough, I was relieved when I opened the can and spread it on the trim.  It was very creamy; just the right shade to go with warm green. I think it will be the perfect shade to use around the house.  I must admit that I seriously couldn’t stop thinking about french vanilla ice cream the whole time…


So, yay!  Liam’s room is officially painted.

Uh oh….that means…


Never fear — Revival Girl is on the job!  And after having brushed up my painting skills (pun intended) in Liam’s room, I should have no problem whipping my daughter’s room into shape in under a week…yep, no problem at all…no worries here…confidence is my middle name…

Ya right, Ange!

Well, at least I know I’ll have the help of my hero-hubby, Michael.  To be completely honest, although I did a lot of the painting in Liam’s room, it was Michael and his mad painting skills (learned from temporarily working with his brother, a professional painter, last year) that made the process run more smoothly and quicker than if I had done it on my own.

My handsome hero-husband saves the day!

Oh, and I need to make an honourable mention: the boy whose bedroom made this project possible — Liam.

Liam did a great job of brushing a few strokes here and there — literally.  It made me laugh how gung-ho he was to paint, only to realize that it’s hard work (Oh Liam!).  Thanks all the same, buddy.

Although I really wanted to be crowned Queen of Paint and don a painting hero’s cape, I’ve discovered that I’m happy playing the role of sidekick — for now, at least.  I’ve realized that my expectations of myself were a tad high, as I haven’t painted a room in a number of years.  Perhaps one day the student will surpass the master…until then, I will enjoy re-learning the fine art of painting and having Michael do most of the work (just kidding — well, sort of).  If you missed the chance to read all about Michael’s heroic deeds and my wacky tacky sidekick adventures, take a look at The “Hole” Shebang.

This image was in NO WAY staged.

All in all, painting Liam’s room went off without a hitch.  We only had one minor issue.  After we had put the first coat of paint on, Michael noticed a raised section on one of the walls.  We debated about whether or not we should just leave it as is, but in the end we decided to…

sand it…

which left us with this…

then I re-painted it…

which left it like this…

and, funnily enough, it looked worse than before!!!

I’ve enhanced this photo to help you notice the big ring I left behind from sanding.  Fortunately, once we got another coat of paint on the area, it seemed to fade a bit.  The true reveal will be tomorrow morning, when the room will be filled with natural light.  Here’s hoping it looks okay…though, I am resolved to simply hang something over it, if needed (lol).

Have any of you had a similar prep, priming, painting mishap?  Did you try to fix the  mishap like us, or did you resolve to hang a big ol’ picture over it?  I’d love to hear your stories.

Alright folks, it’s time for bed.  I’ve had a busy week.  Must get some semblance of sleep before I start the whole prep, prime, paint process all over again.  Stay tuned for posts about Lily’s bedroom revival.  Remember: I only have SIX MORE DAYS to paint her room, if I am to meet my initial deadline of May 31st.

If you would like a reminder of the current state of Lily’s room, or want to take a quick look at the plans and inspiration behind her room’s makeover, read ‘P’ainted Love and ‘P’ainted Love: Part Deux.

Paint images found here.

4 thoughts on “Green With Envy

  1. We have had the same problem with touch ups! I thought it might have something to do with using a brush instead of a roller…would love you to try that out and see if it makes a difference…I was always to lazy to.
    Great job! The colour looks great! 😉

    • Hey J! I totally was being lazy and used a brush instead of a roller…I totally regret that decision…the lines were so noticeable. The affected area doesn’t look too bad this morning…though, we have decided to do a quick, light third coat on that wall and hope for the best. Thanks for the compliments (and for the colour inspiration!!!).

  2. Hey Angela, I love the colour, it is warm, fresh and calming.
    I am sure that Liam will love it! Your blog is wonderful by the way!

    • Thanks so much Sylvia…I am really enjoying writing fun and interesting posts about my house adventures. The blog is also keeping me on task and focused!!! Liam does love his new colour. I can’t wait to start putting up pictures and seeing it all come together.


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