The Lone ‘Sand’er

Howdy Folks!  Lone ‘Sand’er here…back from an extremely excitin’ and perilous adventure.  Thank the heavens above for my trusty companion — Dusty.   I honestly didn’t think I’d make it back to share my story.  Before I begin, you may want to set the right mood (listen here).

The Lone ‘Sand’er: Fastest Sander in the West

Ol’ Dusty taking a well-deserved rest after a long journey. 

My story begins in a small, peaceful little town near the mighty Grand River.  Ol’ Dusty and I were awful played out, and I needed a place to hang up my hat for the night.  But fate had other plans.  Wally the Hole — the biggest, baddest, most dastardly desperado you ever did see — breezed into that sleepy little town fixin’ to cause a whole heap of trouble.

Upon meetin’ up with the roughest and the toughest, most folks would be hankerin’ on gettin’ out of Dodge real quick like.  But not the Lone ‘Sand’er — I live by a different code: one of honour and grit.  I stood my ground.  One look at me and my trusty steed and Wally got all jumpy as a toad.  I reckon that Wally knew what was a comin’ — oh, he looked mighty tough alright, but I could see he was tremblin’ in his boots.  We had a right good tussle, and for a moment I had that varmint covered.

But then — wham — Wally got the upper hand…I seriously thought I was a gonner.  Now, I knew Dusty was a true-blue and reliable companion, but this time Ol’ Dusty really had my back.  Quick as lightnin’, Ol’ Dusty fixed up Wally the Hole real good. That no good, rotten Wally the Hole didn’t know what hit him — HA!  And I, the Lone ‘Sand’er, got off by the skin of my teeth.

Soon after, I decided to shake the dust off that one-horse town and carry on further South…perhaps Ol’ Dusty and I will finally find our little piece of paradise.  As for Wally the Hole, townsfolk say he hasn’t been ’round since.  I reckon he’s dust in the wind by now.


Okay — so here’s the non-western, actual (and not nearly as much fun) version:

As some of you may remember, my daughter Lily’s bedroom walls had some massive holes that needed filling (for more on this, read The “Hole” Shebang).

Although my awesome hubby, Michael, did the majority of the patching and prep work in our son Liam’s bedroom, I was in charge of getting Lily’s room ready to paint.

Not having done any sort of hole patching in a very long time, I basically just gobbed a whack spread a lot of filler over the holes and hoped for the best.

I quickly realized that I probably should have followed the instructions:

For larger holes apply in 2-3 mm layers.


The gobs of filler were not exactly easy to sand down…my arms were getting pretty tired (I literally needed to take a small break between sanding each hole).  Then I remembered that my brother-in-law, a professional painter, had lent us a pole sander with really course sand paper.  Using this higher grit pole sander made all the difference.  I had better reach, more power, and the sander head could pivot (which made sanding awkward spots a breeze).  As you can see from the picture below, Ol’ Dusty and I made a heap o’ dust outta dem holes (sorry — western-speak is addictive, lol).

Well, y’all come back ya hear!  The Lone ‘Sand’er is bound to get into more scrapes and adventures.

Western lingo ideas found hereShake the dust off that one-horse town reference taken from hereDust in the Wind reference taken from here.


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