Deals + Discoveries + Decisions

To me, one of the most exciting parts of transforming a living space is when your original ideas and inspirations morph into something even better than you expected. This type of serendipitous event is quickly becoming a common occurrence in regards to my kids’ bedroom revivals.  In putting together Lily and Liam’s bedrooms this past week, a number of small (but nonetheless awesome) deals, discoveries, and decisions have taken place.

This post will focus on Lily’s room; here is the original mood board for Lily’s bedroom transformation.

Lily’s Room: A Fine Romance

Many of these elements, as well as the ideas behind this mood board, will remain the same.  Lily’s “new” bedroom will be pretty, elegant, and romantic, with a slightly old-world, country feel to it.  However, there are a couple of ways in which Lily’s bedroom is morphing into something unexpected and even better (in my estimation).

For example:

1. Furniture Placement & Displacement

DISCOVERY: After painting Lily’s bedroom, I started to put her furniture back in place.  As I was moving her bed into its original position, I discovered that her bed looks kind of cool in the middle of her room (as opposed to against a wall).  Over the years, Lily’s bed has been against every wall in her room.  I had never thought to place her bed in the middle of the room because a) she has a small room (10′ x 10′), and I figured it would take away too much floor space; b) she has an IKEA MELDAL day bed, and day beds usually go up against a wall.

Lily’s MELDAL day bed placement before we began painting.

Lily’s day bed in middle of her room…new thoughts and ideas…and no, I did not intend on drawing mushrooms for wall lamps!

DECISION: Lily and I have decided that we love her bed in the middle of the room. However, this will require removing the side of her existing day bed.  I am happy about this decision, as it will mean that her bed will be easier to make (hopefully this will also encourage Lily to make her bed more often — fingers crossed!).  I’m really digging the idea of having a beautiful piece of art or photograph hanging above her bed, adorned by two wall lamps – what do you guys think???

DECISION: Another decision I have made is to move (or displace) one of Lily’s dressers into her closet, thereby creating a perfect spot for a desk and chair that is close to her one and only window (she may even have a bit of a view when she is sitting down — imagine that!).

I’m thinking to go from this…

to this…

Please forgive my newbie photoshopping styles!  Hopefully, I will get better with time and practice???

So, that is the first way Lily’s bedroom revival has morphed into something new and exciting.  The second way came in the form of discovering some awesome deals and making some final decisions regarding:

2. Art & Accessories

DISCOVERIES:  ‘TIS THE SEASON to go shopping — at garage sales, that is!  Looky-here what we picked up at local garage sales for Lily’s bedroom…

A pretty piece of fabric attached to a frame = perfect, colourful art to add to Lily’s bare walls.

…and at $1.00 — what a DEAL!

Our second garage sale discovery made me giddy with excitement.


Twiggy, the Wonder Dog (named after a super cute dachshund we know).

And they call it puppy love.

Who could resist this face???

And at $0.25 = major DEAL!!!  Lily discovered him when she took her brother to a garage sale down our street.  Lily and I are planning on painting Twiggy a bright pop of a colour…maybe yellow…or red…or blue???

Then, while we were having a visit at my in-laws, a certain something (or should I say someone?) caught my eye.

Behold Henrietta

Isn’t she a beauty???

Lily totally fell in love with Henrietta, and I am happy to report that she is now the proud owner of her first vintage white ceramic animal.  Henrietta was free = DEAL, but the best part of bringing Henrietta home with us is that she is an original piece leftover from Lily’s great-grandmother and great-grandfather’s decorative concrete and giftwares business that flourished in the ’70s.  How cool is that?  A small piece of family history — love it!  With the introduction of Twiggy and Henrietta into our lives, I’m starting to understand why Sherry, from my favourite home decor blog, Young House Love, is slightly obsessed with ceramic animals.  I’m positive there will be more ceramic creatures in my future.

DECISION: After spending some time on ETSY (an online marketplace for handmade and vintage items), Lily decided she preferred this colouful art print of a horse…

over the one I originally thought she would like…

I heart both of these prints, but I especially like the expression in the first horse’s face…good choice Lily!


last but not least,

DECISION: Lily and I have decided that most of her art pieces and accessories should be connected to a memory or have a story behind them.  Sure, we could go out to a big chain store today and buy a few art prints and decor items that would fit her bedroom’s theme on the surface.  But, what fun is that?  Also, part of the reason I adore vintage and handmade treasures is the story behind them; I hope to impart this sentiment on both my children.  For now, Lily and I will continue on our quest to find unique and interesting art and decor accessories that speak to Lily personally.  Looking forward to more serendipitous deals, discoveries, and decisions!!!

Horse images found here and here.


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