Deals + Discoveries + Decisions: Liam’s Bedroom

My last post focused on the serendipitous deals, discoveries, and decisions Lily and I made regarding the transformation of her current bedroom into a pretty, pre-teen paradise (read that post here).  As a follow-up, let’s take a quick look at some of the unanticipated deals, discoveries, and decisions relating to Liam’s bedroom.

Liam’s Room: What a Wonderful World

Mr. Man’s original mood board (find out more details about products and paint colours here).

DISCOVERY: While purusing a number of garage sales hosted by a local retirement community, I spotted this really cute vintage suitcase.  Check her out…

Meet Joyce

It was seriously love at first sight!  Joyce is a little rough around the edges, but she is the perfect size (H – 10″; W – 15″; D – 5″) for putting on top on one of Liam’s dressers and filling with some of his many treasures.  I call the suitcase Joyce, mainly because I noticed this name plate taped to it.

I love thinking about the vacations Joyce has been on — all the adventures, memories, and stories she holds.  I’m glad Joyce can settle down for a while in Liam’s cozy bedroom, though Liam has taken her out and about a few times already. It’s too cute!!!  Oh — and she was a total DEALicious bargain at $0.25.

DISCOVERY:  My mom and dad are in the process of fixing up my childhood home to sell in the next few months (or years, depending on how my mom feels about the whole moving situation on any given day).  Their latest project is painting their office.  This requires taking down a number of bookcases that shelve my father’s rather large book collection.  As a fellow bibliophile, I totally understand how hard it is for my dad to let go of books he has held onto since his youth.  Nevertheless, he decided to put on a brave face and eventually donated a few bags of books to our local library.  He also dropped in for a quick visit the other day, and brought a box of old National Geographic table books.  He figured Liam (who loves to learn about practically everything) would enjoy them.  While the original book covers are in good condition and have really nice photos on them, I was tickled pink when I discovered how beautiful they are sans covers (without covers, for non-French speaking folk).

Here is one of the books with its original cover…

and without…

LOVE the compass detailing on the front cover! 

The colours of the hard covers are gorgeous, and I think they will be a welcome addition to Liam’s new vintage-inspired, library/museum feeling bedroom.

DISCOVERY:  One of the most exciting discoveries made in the last couple of weeks was that Liam’s LEGO collection, which used to be organized (???) on the floor like this…

can actually be better organized and stored like this…

This awesome discovery was made after I decided to bring an old dresser that was in our master bedroom into Liam’s room for all of his clothes (I will post about said dresser’s transformation a.s.a.p.).  This opened up the possibility for his old dresser to be used for other items = LEGO collection managed!  The best part of this decision, and subsequent discovery, is that I no longer need to purchase the IKEA TROFAST storage unit that I was initially intent on buying to hold Liam’s LEGO.

This means a savings of at least $100, as I was planning on buying two of these.  Now that’s a DEAL!

DECISION:  Another decision I have made is to get rid of the mirror that was attached to Liam’s dresser.  This mirror has seen better days — it has a number of scratches and is slightly warped.  You can kind of see the mirror, if you look past all the clutter (hahaha)!

I haven’t had much luck finding a suitable replacement mirror at all the garage sales I have recently checked out.  There was this one antique-looking mirror at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago that I liked, but it was too fussy and heavy-looking for a little boy’s room (in my opinion).  Then — out of the blue — serendipity struck once again…

DISCOVERY:  While flipping through the 2012 IKEA catalogue the other day, I spotted this mirror…

I swear I have never noticed this FIGGJO mirror before, even though I look through my IKEA catalogues semi-regularly.  When showing Liam a picture of this mirror, he said it looked like our solar system.  I couldn’t agree more.  There is a very natural, organic look to this mirror — I also reminds me of a dandelion seed, or a flower.  The circular mirrors will compliment the other round items I am planning on bringing into the space.  For example:

in lighting…

and accessories…

and antique map…

The presence of round shapes will hopefully soften the square and rectangular shapes of his bed, dressers, and shelving.  Oh, and speaking of shelving, one last discovery to report.

DISCOVERY:  While tidying up a section in our yard, Michael and I came across a long piece of wood, that was an original section of the soffit (the horizontal underside of a roof overhang), he had pulled off of our home’s exterior two summers ago.  My immediate thought was: how cool would it be to use this piece of wood, that is likely over 100 years old, as a shelf in Liam’s vintage, old world bedroom???   Not to mention, how cool is it that it came from the wall just outside of his room???  Take a look…

It’s roughly 6′ long and 10″ deep.  It needs some major TLC, but I think re-using a piece of the house’s history will be worth it.

Ceiling light found here.  Vintage globe found here.  Antique Map found here.

2 thoughts on “Deals + Discoveries + Decisions: Liam’s Bedroom

  1. Wow! Thanks so much! 🙂 It was fun learning more about you…”It’s A Wonderful Life” is hands down one of the best movies ever made. Jimmy Stewart was an incredible actor! Anyway — thanks again…I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. Cheers.


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