“One Lovely” Surprise!

It’s funny how life works some times.  My last two posts have been about unexpected surprises — well, I got my own unexpected surprise today: this blog has been nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award”, thanks to thriftykristy over at Bliss.  You can check out her blissful and thrifty DIY and Home Design site at: http://bliss-athome.com/  Thanks again for the nomination — it totally made my day (big smiles).

Here are the rules of acceptance:

  • Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  • Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.
  • Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.
  • Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them.

So, y’all ready to learn a few things about Revival Girl???

Seven Things You Most Likely Don’t Know About Little Ol’ Me:

1.  Food is an obsession with me…right now my favourite is Greek Salad with lots of feta and olives…mmmm…

“‘Greek’ Salad…yummy, yummy!” (Any Wiggles fans out there?)

2.  My all-time favourite TV shows are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pushing Daises, & Gilmore Girls.

3.  My favourite season is Fall/Autumn (I love cozy sweaters, falling leaves, blue skies, & super buttery corn on the cob).

4.  I come from a HUGE family!  I have 2 “natural” siblings, 2 step siblings, and 2 adopted siblings = 7 children between my mom and (step)dad…we’re a modern day Brady Bunch (minus Alice).

5.  My all-time favourite movie is Amélie.  Since that movie, I have had a slight obsession with all things French.  In fact, the theme song from the movie was my wedding march, and Amélie was the inspiration for Michael’s and my Vintage French Carnival wedding.

Michael and I having some wedding day photo fun.

6.  I am a very spiritual person; I believe that everything and everyone is connected.

7.  When I was in grade 4, I wanted to be either a nun or a stripper when I grew up (no joke).


What’s a girl to choose???

“Lovely” blogs I nominate:

1.  http://charmingtrinity.com/

2.  http://bliss-athome.com/

3.  http://hanaandgeorge.wordpress.com/

4.  http://mytrinketsandtreasures.wordpress.com/

5.  http://thetexpatstarling.wordpress.com/

6.  http://astorytellinghome.com/

7.  http://furnishedsouls.wordpress.com/ 

8.  http://lovelierlife.wordpress.com/

9.  Anything But Academia @ http://seasonalsunshine.wordpress.com/

10.  http://justalittlejoy.com/ 

11.  http://yearofserendipity.wordpress.com/

12.  http://thegardensmallholder.wordpress.com/

13. http://thepotlicker.com/

14.  Blah Blah Blog @ http://crashandbern.wordpress.com/

15.  http://nookandsea.com/

and one more for good measure…

16.  http://www.empresschic.com/

Cheers and best wishes!                                                                                           Angela (A.K.A. Revival Girl)

Images found here.

8 thoughts on ““One Lovely” Surprise!

  1. Thank you so, so much! I really appreciate the nomination. I am very happy that you like my site and that’s all the reward I need. I am trying to bring a sense of wonder to someone else’s day with my posts and this nomination is a sign I am on the right path. Thank you again!

  2. What a lovely surprise when I checked my blog this morning. Thanks so much for the nomination! I’m glad to know that you’re enjoying my blog.

    Will definitely check out the other blogs you nominated.
    Susan 🙂


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