Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Anyone else LOVE fairy tales?  There has definitely been an influx of the fairy tale genre in pop culture recently.  From ABC’s Once Upon a Time, to box office releases like Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman, the world of majestic castles, evil queens, and fierce dragons has officially permeated mainstream culture (here in North America, at least).

Well, this past weekend, my regular ho-hum type of existence was touched by a little fairy tale magic.  My fairy godmother (in the form of my mother-in-law) granted me a special wish: the ability to take home a very lovely and ornate mirror to adorn Princess Lily’s chamber with.

Basically, my mother-in-law gave my daughter Lily this for her bedroom…

Details, Details.

Lily simply adores her new bedroom mirror — it fits perfectly with the look that we are going for: romantic, pretty, elegant, and old world, but with a sense of whimsy. And, it is so much more appropriate for Lily’s new bedroom style than the old mirror we used.

From plain…

to pizzaz…

Talk about curve appeal!

The big question of the day is:  WHAT COLOUR SHALL WE PAINT IT???

So, I ask…

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what’s the fairest colour of them all?





What do you think???  Any thoughts???  To help you make a choice, here are Lily’s bedroom colours:

Walls & Ceiling                                        Wainscoting & Trim                                                                                  BM French Canvas                                 BM White Dove

BM = Benjamin Moore

The general idea behind Lily’s bedroom transformation is a white on white theme with punches of colour.  For example, this is one of the accent colours we chose:

Benjamin Moore’s Fiji

It will be used on the bedside table seen below.

Also, here is the bedding I intend on getting for her room…

For a closer look at the colours found on the bedding, click here.

My first impression was to paint the mirror the same colour as Lily’s bedside table, Benjamin Moore’s Fiji.

Kind of like so…

But right now, I am leaning more towards a pretty shade of pinky-red.

I think it would look great hanging over Lily’s dresser that will hopefully look a little something like this when I am done with it…

Lily and I also thought it would be cute to paint the amazing vintage dachshund she discovered at a garage sale a few weeks ago a pinky-red colour (see more  of our garage sale discoveries here and here).

Original wiener dog…


My third colour preference is a mid-range grey, perhaps a tad lighter than this…

This would be more subdued, but would tie in the darker grey-black of the dresser knobs and pulls as well as her metal bed frame.

Ahhh…choices!  I would really appreciate any feedback from readers.  Thanks.

Dresser image from here.  Paint images found here.

3 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

  1. My sister-in-law thinks I shouldn’t paint the mirror at all. Anyone else think I should leave it as??? I still like the idea of a pop of colour….decisions, decisions.

  2. I just showed Lily some of the options for her mirror colour — she prefers the blue right now. Ultimately, I want Lily to choose the colour she likes best (but the designer in me will gently encourage her to choose the colour that I think will best compliment the room — is that awful of me?, hahaha).

  3. My first thought was not to paint it, it looks great the way it is. But if you were to paint it my two choices would be the blue or your third colour choice, the mid range grey. Either way it is going to look great in Lily’s room.!


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