Mirror Image

Recognize this?

It’s the exact same mirror that I was recently given to put in my daughter Lily’s bedroom.


I came across our mirror’s doppelgänger online, as I was searching for images of upcycled, painted mirrors.  Do you want to know something crazy?  This upcycled, high gloss black version of the mirror (found here) is being sold for almost $200!!! Thank goodness for fairy godmothers generous mother-in-laws!  Mine gave us the same mirror (minus the upcycling) for nothing, nada, zip….now that’s a DEAL!

In my last post, Mirror, Mirror, On the WallI presented a few colour options for Lily’s mirror, and asked for some feedback.  So far, a few of my friends and family members feel that I should leave the mirror as is.  Some also like the idea of a mid-range grey/ silver.  Lily prefers the idea of painting it the same colour as her bedside table, Benjamin Moore’s Fiji.

Unfortunately, my photoshopped versions of what our mirror would look like painted are far from accurate (and kind of goofy looking), making it hard to get a clear sense of what upcycled, painted mirrors looks like.

My humble apologies.

As a peace offering, here are some images of upcycled mirrors painted in similar colours to what I think may suit Lily’s bedroom.  These images are great inspiration, and totally help me visualize the final outcome of painting an ornate mirror.  Enjoy!






Man, I think they are all super pretty!  Maybe it’s best to get more of Lily’s room done before making a final decision.  Fortunately, nothing is ever final with paint — after all, we can always repaint it.

Any thoughts?

P.S.  I should have my House Tour posted early next week!  Stay tuned…

Images of: BLUE mirrors found here, here, and here; RED mirrors found here, here, and here; YELLOW mirrors found here, here, and here; WHITE mirrors found herehere, and here; GREY mirrors found here, here, and here.


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