Summertime, and the Living is “Lazy”

Happy Friday the 13th!

I apologize for my tardiness with this post.  Summer living has officially taken over = I am suffering from lackofroutineitus.

Plans are in the works, however, to help me stay focused on taking steps towards reviving this old place o’ mine (even though all I really want to be doing everyday is sleep in, spend the day soaking up the sunshine, and enjoy amazingly tasty BBQ delights in the cool of the evening).

It was my original intention to present the third, and final, part of my super duper House Tour this week.  But alas, I am STILL working on it (big sigh).  After numerous failed attempts at using to create a decent plan of my yard, I decided to go old school and draw one by hand instead — HA!  That little adventure also ended in complete frustration and a huge heap of wasted paper (Dear Trees of the Earth — FORGIVE ME!).

I also owe you, my lovely readers, my humble apologies — I got nothin’ this week for you (my tail is officially between my legs).

Actually…WAIT!!!  I don’t want to disappoint my audience…

Here are some beautiful inspiration photos of gardens, backyards, and drool-worthy BBQs.

Enjoy and HAPPY WEEKEND!!!

BBQ image found here.


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