Puppy Love, or Using Spray Paint to Update Ceramic Decor

As it is a holiday here in my part of the world, and very shortly I will be helping to revamp and revive Lily and Liam’s tree fort, I will be keeping this post brief.

Remember Twiggy???


Lily picked up this handsome fella at a garage sale for only 25 cents (you can read more about some of the incredible deals and discoveries we have made in recent months in Deals + Discoveries + Decisions or Deals + Discoveries + Decisions: Liam’s Bedroom).

Well, take a look at Twiggy after a spray paint makeover…




I used a spray paint colour called Smoke Blue (from Home Hardware); this shade goes well with the blue I used on Lily’s bedside table, Benjamin Moore’s Fiji.

To prepare for this quick and inexpensive project, I decided to consult an expert, Ms. Sherry Petersik of Young House Love, who’s obsession with ceramic animals is totally adorable.  Here are the simple instructions that I followed when painting the Twigster.

Spray painting ceramic animals is relatively easy and pain-free.  However, I am beginning to realize that spray painting is seriously addictive (old ceramic decor beware!, lol).  To view how I magically transformed a vintage ornate mirror with spray paint, check out my post Mirror Magic, or How-To Spray Paint an Ornate Mirror.

Okay, I really should go help Michael with the tree fort now.  Good luck with your spray painting adventures — do share any tips or advice you have.

Revive ya later!!!

Paint image from here.

4 thoughts on “Puppy Love, or Using Spray Paint to Update Ceramic Decor

  1. Oh, Twiggy! You’ve never looked so good 🙂 We are in the process of revamping some old frames to ready them for a spray painting. A new way to display some of the kids’ art work in a more special way.

    • Spray painting is so easy and cheap!!! You can basically transform anything with a few coats of it. We had a great few hours fixing up the fort; we put some saloon doors (that I found at the side of the road) up…my son and his cousin immediately pretended to be cowboys…fun times!


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