Progress Confession, Part 2, or Why Multi-tasking is Dumb!

It has been strange not posting since early last week, but it has been very busy ’round here.

So, what have I been up to?

Well, I’ve been:

building watching Michael build stuff, sanding, staining, priming, painting, spray painting, framing and matting, deciding, deliberating, decorating, shopping, list making, more list making, freaking out over how much there is to do on my lists, calming myself down (eventually and only sort of) , realizing that reviving my home, just like reviving my life, will take time, patience, & positivity

 Feel free to take a look at some of the action and progress of the past couple of weeks…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unfortunately, my dear, (hopefully) patient readers, I must confess that I will not have both Lily’s and Liam’s bedrooms completed by Friday (big sigh).  That’s right folks, reality has bit me in the you know where once again!  I will, however, post progress pictures on Friday, and highlight some of the projects etc. that still need attending to…I promise, pinky-swear, cross my heart and hope to die…okay maybe that’s a bit extreme…I will try really, really hard to get some pictures up for you later this week 🙂

I suppose my expectations were too high — completely redecorating two rooms at once was not very realistic (given our budget and time restraints, anyway).  These last few weeks have been somewhat stressful, to be sure!

At least working on two rooms at once has taught me something:



 This experience has also reminded me how important it is to focus on one task at a time and be mindful of my actions in everything I do.  Remember the days when you could play with your favourite toy, or look for a four-leaf clover in a field, for hours at a time — when whatever you were doing was the only thing on your mind???  I miss that feeling, and would argue that most of us were very adept at single-tasking as children.  It is sad that by early adulthood this skill (yes, it is a skill) is beaten out of us; multi-tasking is viewed as not only important, but essential for a productive adult existence.


I say BOO!!!…multi-tasking is dumb, and often makes us feel overwhelmed and disconnected from what we are doing.

I am not the only one who feels this way.  Check out these articles:

How NOT to Multitask – Work Simpler and Saner 
Multitasking Makes You Less Efficient: Study

Is Multi-tasking Bad for your Brain? Experts Reveal the Hidden Perils of
Juggling too Many Jobs

So today I proclaim:

I will try harder to focus on one task or project at a time, and be more mindful of my actions with everything I do!!!

Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “Progress Confession, Part 2, or Why Multi-tasking is Dumb!

  1. Bravo! Looks like you have a lot of great things “cooking” over there!

    I am a bigtime multitasker – the one thing I’ll say about it is that if you are stumped on something, if you get some distance, you might figure out a solution while you’re away (or at least that’s how I justify it!)


    • Thanks for your comments! I usually have lots of different projects etc. on the go, and in that way I, too, am a multitasker. I totally agree that it is important to take a break and redirect your focus on to something different when you are “stumped on something”. However, I think it is best when you can actually focus on the thing you are doing in the moment, without letting your mind wonder off too much…i.e. thinking about everything else you need to do. I am very guilty of this; I find it super distracting! This is why I am determined to become more mindful and “present”. Luckily, there are lots of great resources out their on the topic of mindfulness and being present.


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