Hello Old Blog and Good-Bye Old House

I can hardly believe it has been nearly two years since I last wrote a post for A GRAND REVIVAL.  Two years ago, I had decided to forgo detailing the transformation of our century home in favour of starting a blog with informative articles to give voice to the concerns and lives of mothers and female caregivers.  Well, that never happened.  What did happen? Life, my friends, life is what happened.  Basically, I found a full-time job in another town, and, soon after, we decided to commit to renovating our house and put it up for sale.

However, that’s not the end of that story.

After a month of working full-time, I realized that my new work environment, and one coworker in particular, were unhealthy and toxic (emotionally speaking that is).  It took nine months before I found the courage to quit that nonsense of a job.  At the time, our house had also on the market for almost two months, and my quitting was our way of acknowledging that perhaps the universe was telling us we were not supposed to move on quite yet.  Interestingly, I found a new love and appreciation of our newly renovated home, and have really enjoyed living where we are these last two years.

That being said, life got hard for awhile. My daughter had some health issues, things were tough financially, and I began to feel daunted by the question “what am I doing with my life?”.  I slipped into depression, and my health took a turn for the worse.  In the Fall of 2013, I decided to seek the advice of a naturopath.  I was always tired, even though I slept a lot!, and I had constant pains and discomfort in my stomach.  This decision proved to be one of the best decisions of my life.  I discovered that I have a severe intolerance to gluten and had very low B12 levels.  After a few B12 shots, and not eating wheat and other grains with gluten, my health improved and my stomach no longer hurt.  AND – about a year after my first naturopathic session, I was offered a job by my naturopath to work in the clinic as a clinic administrator.  AND GUESS WHAT – my new job is amazing! I am surrounded by passionate, caring women who are supportive and thoughtful.  AND – my new job meant that Michael (my husband) and I could open the conversation up again about moving to a bigger town, closer to his work (he commutes over an hour one way, five days a week).  AND – we decided to go for it!  AND – we actually sold our house this time in under two weeks!  AND – we found a great new house that is located right by our best friends!  Life has a funny way of working out sometimes, doesn’t it?

Long story kinda short, I have decided I would like to share with the world pictures of our now updated, renovated 125 year old Gothic Revival Cottage.  As well, I would love to share the inevitable updates and renovating that we will do in our new, suburban, 25 year old home.  That’s right – we’re moving to the ‘burbs!  I even got me a two car garage and heated ensuite bathroom floors.  I am sure moving into a suburban home will be an adjustment for me — I am a country mouse after all, with a love of character homes and history.  Our old, little cottage-type home in our tiny, pretty village has been the perfect place to raise our young kids.  But, life changes.  Needs change.  Wants change. My young kids aren’t so young anymore.  They are 14 and 10 now!!!!  Their days of building snow forts in our oversized, in-town backyard are pretty much over.   I have a feeling that our new, much younger, much larger house in the ‘burbs, and our new, much bigger, but equally pretty town, will do us just fine!  Our yard may be smaller, but we are close to trails and parks.  Plus, smaller yard = less work = more time to unwind (hopefully).

I have decided to keep my blog’s name, A GRAND REVIVAL, as our new house is technically located in a town along the the same river as our current house — the Grand River.  And, even though our new house is move-in ready, it could use some reviving and modernizing.  Plus, I already own the domain name!  So, hello again blogging world!  It’s nice to be back.  I’ll be back soon with some pictures of the renovations we have done….I promise!

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