About Me

Meet Angela

…a happily married woman (to the marvelous Michael) with two amazing kids (Lily and Liam) who are growing up way to fast!!!

…a lifelong learner and information junkie who has a slight full-blown addiction to well-written television shows.

…a dreamer and aspiring author.

Turning her love of decor and design, her preference for vintage and second-hand treasures, and her interest in writing, into something productive — finally!!!

Okay, enough third-person talk…

I created A GRAND REVIVAL not only as a means to revive our home, but also as a way to reconnect with my own spirit — it’s a way to bring back the kind of kooky and fun-spirited girl within me who has been through some tough times in recent years.

Hopefully, my low-budget projects, plans, and ideas will inspire you to breathe a little life back into your home, and possibly revive your spirit in the process.

Thanks for following.

Angela (A.K.A Revival Girl)


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