About Our First Home

After some basic research into the style of our home, a discovery was made: our cute little cottage-like home, stuck between two huge gorgeous red-brick houses, was one of the most common styles of residential architecture built in Ontario prior to 1950 (by the way, my family lives in Ontario, Canada).  And, as luck would have it, our home is commonly referred to as a Gothic REVIVAL Cottage.

Upon hearing the word Gothic, many of you may think of Goth subculture — long black coats, black nail polish, and lots of black eye-liner and lipstick.  Liam, my 7-year-old, immediately thought of vampires and all-things-spooky.  I, on the other hand, think of flying buttresses (I’ve always loved this term) and old, ornate, spooky-looking churches and cathedrals like the one below.


York Minster Cathedral, York, England

While our house is in no way as old or ornate as the places of worship shown above, it is still slightly spooky-looking.

Take a look…

Our 1 and 1/2 story Gothic Revival Cottage, circa 1890. No Ghosts to date — PHEW!

Okay, so our house isn’t actually that spooky.  However, due to the fact that our house is approx. 122 years old, it took a long time to convince me that it wasn’t haunted!  I figure that most owners might have lived an average of 10 years in this house; that would equal roughly a dozen or more families that could have lived here since the house was built.  That’s a lot of people who have lived within these walls — I’m sure at least one of them kicked the bucket here.  Ahhhh…okay, I’m going to stop talking about this now…I totally get spooked easily.

But I digress…

Gothic Revival Architecture often features arched windows, distinct gables, and ornate trim.  Unfortunately, the previous owners of our home had their role in taking away some of the Gothic elements of the house.  Like most Gothic Revival Cottages, our house in its heyday would likely have had a front door, arched windows, and perhaps a front porch with ornate trim.

Perhaps a little something like this beauty…

Here is a link to a great resource that I used in researching my home’s architectural style.  There are lots of great photos of Gothic Revival buildings and better examples of Gothic Revival Cottages.  It is worth taking a look at for anyone interested in Gothic Revival style, or the history of architecture in Ontario.

Our house is located in a small town in Ontario that has the GRAND River running through it.

Here are a couple of pictures I took of the mighty Grand River near our home.  Enjoy!

Images of church found here.  Image of Gothic Revival Cottage found here.

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