It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green

Kermit T. Frog sings the truth — “it ain’t easy bein’ green“.

This adage is especially true when you are a wall colour.  Finding the perfect green paint can be difficult; the wrong shade of green can look downright icky.

But, as our dear friend Kermy says:

green’s the color of spring
And green can be cool and friendly-like
And green can be big like a mountain
Or important like a river
Or tall like a tree

…and the frog is right — green is one of the most predominant colours in our world. Green = Nature.  What could be better than that?

Who wouldn’t want to add Mother Nature’s favourite colour into their home???  

To be honest, I have always preferred adding simple touches of green in my decorating, opting to use fabrics, plants, and other accessories to bring the outdoors in.  My son, Liam, however, has made it perfectly clear that nothing else but GREEN will do for his bedroom walls.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective), in order to find the shade of green that is just right for Liam’s room, I didn’t need to spend my usual billion hours searching through various shades online.  The reason for this is simple: I happened upon the warmest, richest, most amazing green wall colour I’ve ever seen, on the walls of my good friend’s bedroom.  When I saw this particular green shade a couple of months ago, I fell in love in a heart beat.

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‘P’ainted Love: Part Deux

Hello again!  I can hardly believe that I was able to complete not one, but two posts this week.  Give me a second while I pat myself on the back……………thanks.

I promised in my last post (check out ‘P’ainted Love here) that I would be back with more ideas and pictures of my almost 11-year-old daughter’s bedroom.

Let’s just jump right in with both feet, shall we???!!!

A Quick Recap:  After much discussion and deliberation, my daughter Lily and I have come up with some basic thoughts that will inform her new bedroom.  Here are our initial ideas and musings.

Lily’s Room

Lily (in a nutshell): sweet, caring, sassy, funny, loves animals, interested in writing, reading, and drawing

Favourite Style: according to an easy Style Finder Quiz on REAL SIMPLE, Lily’s style personality is a tie between Cozy Casual and Sophisticated Classic

Favourite Colour: blue (she also likes green & red)

Room Theme Key Words: pretty, romantic, cozy, soft, old world, transitional

Room Features: odd-angled ceiling, lack of lighting, wainscoting, orange-hued laminate flooring, white furniture, black metal bed frame

Colour Choices:

Walls & Ceiling                  Wainscoting & Trim             Accent Colour                                                 BM French Canvas           BM White Dove                   BM Fiji

BM = Benjamin Moore

To give you a better idea of what we are working with, here are a few pictures of Lily’s current room.

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‘P’ainted Love

Take my tears and that’s not nearly all!
Oh…’p’ainted love.
‘P’ainted Love …

I apologize if you end up humming Soft Cell’s 1981 hit, Tainted Love, for the rest of the day (hehehe).  I couldn’t resist — I totally have a love/hate relationship with painting…though, the thought of painting doesn’t make me nearly as mad as these guys look!

Is it just me, or do their eyes follow you wherever you go???

Okay, let’s get back to the issue at hand: PAINTING.

My husband, Michael, and I bought a whole whack o’ tintable paint on sale over a year ago (yes, you read that right).  However, due to a “series of unfortunate events”, there has been a serious lack of painting in our house.  And so, numerous cans of yet to be tinted paint lay in waiting for the day when they will be rescued from our dusty basement, be adorned with colour, and spread over our much neglected walls.

Can you say “plenty of poor, pathetic, pitiful paint cans placed plainly 3x fast???

Well, as part of my new initiative to revive both my house and self, I am officially pulling the switch — I will be blowing the dust of a few paint cans and painting both of my kids’ rooms by the end of May.  You heard it here first folks — 2 rooms in 1 month!!!

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