Mood Boards


Lily’s Room: A Fine Romance

1. Paint Colours (see here for details)   2. Wall Decal, requested by Lily (find it here)   3. Furniture Inspiration (images found herehere, & here)   4. Bedding (find it here)   5. Bedding Accessories — lots of pillows and cozy blankets (find them here & here)   6. Lighting (find them here and here)   7. Colourful Rug (find them here and here)   8. Awesome Animal Artwork (find it herehere, and here)

Liam’s Room: What a Wonderful World

1. Paint Colours (see here for details)   2. Lighting (find it here)   3. Bedding (find it here)   4. Storage for LEGO etc. (find it here)   5. Bedding Accessories (find it here) 6. Big Wall Letter (find it here)   7. Vintage Globe, Antique Map, & Lizard Picture (find them herehere and here)   8. Antique-style flooring (find it here)


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