Moving on Up ‘stairs’

Come On Up!


Floor Plan

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am just starting to learn the delicate art of using   Therefore, this floor plan of our upstairs is simply my best attempt to capture the odd design of our second floor.

To help you conceptualize this space better, our downstairs living room, hallway, and bathroom are below the master bedroom, walk in closet, and Liam’s bedroom.

Downstairs Floor Plan


**If you missed the house tour of our downstairs, feel free to check it out here.**

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You can read all about Liam’s bedroom transformation, and check out some before shots, in these posts:

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It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green

“Check” Me Out!!!

The “Hole” Shebang

Green With Envy

Deals + Discoveries + Decisions: Liam’s Bedroom


Also, feel free to take a gander at Lily’s bedroom plans, paint and prep adventures, and before pictures in these posts:

‘P’ainted Love

‘P’ainted Love: Part Deux

The Lone ‘Sand’er

Deals + Discoveries + Decisions

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Mirror Image


To take a tour of our downstairs, click here.  To see our yard and gardens, click here.

**For a more detailed description of our upstairs, check out House Tour, Part Two…Moving On Up ‘stairs’.**


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