Our Home’s Grand Revival: Part Two

***This post was written a couple months ago, and was intended to come out soon after the release of Our Home’s Grand Revival: Part One.  However, my world was turned upside down on June 3rd, and things are just beginning to feel somewhat right-side up again. On that fateful day back in June, my younger brother was in a near-fatal head on collision.  He survived the crash, but has needed 10 surgeries, and had his right foot amputated as a result of the accident.  We are all so grateful that he is still with us, that he did not suffer any brain damage, and that he will eventually walk again.  This experience resonates deeply with our family, as we already lost a sibling/ daughter/ aunt just a few years ago in a weather-related car accident.  It has felt like being struck by lightning twice. Once again, I am amazed by the fragility of our existence.  Our lives here on this beautiful rock are so fleeting.  By the same token, I am in awe of human courage and resilience, and our ability to find light amid the darkness.  My brother has been an inspiration to all that know him; he remains positive, full of humour and grace, and is determined to walk again.  This post is dedicated to him…he helped a lot with many of the renovations done to our old house, including adding the runner to our stairs.  I am super excited for the day when he will walk through the front door of our new place.  Love you brother!***

Hello again.  I’d like to share these pics of the work we did and improvements we made to our upstairs.  Now that we are just days away from moving to our new house, I’m feeling awfully sentimental looking at the images of the kid’s former bedrooms.  We moved here when Lily was only 5 years old, and Liam was barely a year old.  In the 9 years living here, so much has transpired.  Our kiddies have grown into mature, responsible, kind of annoying, yet amazing people.  I can hardly believe it is time to say good-bye.  In the time we have lived here, I believe we have accomplished my original goal for our gothic revival cottage home: revival.  I feel as though we have managed to breathe a little more life into its old bones — take a look, and let me know if you agree!

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House Tour, Part 2 … Moving on Up ‘stairs’

Hey Party People!

Y’all ready to move on up to our second floor???

You are — well alright!  Let’s get this party started…


Floor Plan

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am just starting to learn the delicate art of using floorplanner.com.   Therefore, this floor plan of our upstairs is simply my best attempt to capture the odd design of our second floor.

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It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green

Kermit T. Frog sings the truth — “it ain’t easy bein’ green“.

This adage is especially true when you are a wall colour.  Finding the perfect green paint can be difficult; the wrong shade of green can look downright icky.

But, as our dear friend Kermy says:

green’s the color of spring
And green can be cool and friendly-like
And green can be big like a mountain
Or important like a river
Or tall like a tree

…and the frog is right — green is one of the most predominant colours in our world. Green = Nature.  What could be better than that?

Who wouldn’t want to add Mother Nature’s favourite colour into their home???  

To be honest, I have always preferred adding simple touches of green in my decorating, opting to use fabrics, plants, and other accessories to bring the outdoors in.  My son, Liam, however, has made it perfectly clear that nothing else but GREEN will do for his bedroom walls.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective), in order to find the shade of green that is just right for Liam’s room, I didn’t need to spend my usual billion hours searching through various shades online.  The reason for this is simple: I happened upon the warmest, richest, most amazing green wall colour I’ve ever seen, on the walls of my good friend’s bedroom.  When I saw this particular green shade a couple of months ago, I fell in love in a heart beat.

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