A “Grand” Coincidence

Wow — I’m beat!!!  I think all my creative juices were used up during my last post (The Lone ‘Sand’er).  Plus, all the prep work and painting I’ve been doing these last couple of weeks, as well as the party planning for my not-so-much-a-baby girl’s 11th birthday, has left me plum-tuckered out.  Sorry folks, but today’s post is going to be pretty straight forward…nothing fancy…pretty ho-hum…you might as well just stop reading right now.

WAIT!!!  Totally kidding…I want you to stay…please stay!  How else would you find out how luck played a hand in the naming of this blog.

After all, I’m sure you’ve all been wondering why I decided to call my blog A GRAND REVIVAL.  In fact, I’d make a small wager that a few of you have lost some sleep over it.  Well, no more waiting in agony; here is the official story.  The inspiration behind my blog’s name ultimately came from my love of playing around with words and their meanings.  That, and I had a little nod from Lady Luck (oooh…exciting…bet you’re glad you’re still reading, right?)

Can you spot the lucky four leaf clover???

In naming my blog, I actually came up with the name in a backwards kind of fashion.  Let me explain…

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