A GRAND REVIVAL Returns ………….. Well Sort of


That’s how many days it has been since I last posted.  That’s almost one whole month!  Yikes!!!

Regardless, here I am — alive and well — ready to continue sharing some of my adventures in home reviving.

I must confess something though…

While I have really enjoyed creating this blog, and sharing how-to tips and inspiration photos, I have come to the realization that home decorating is not the only thing I want to blog about.  I still plan on reviving my home on a tight budget, but I will not be sharing as many details about the ins and outs of this process with the world anymore.  I will continue to post progress pictures, and maybe the occasional post about some of the decisions we have made regarding the transformation of our home, but I will not be posting as often as I originally intended (3x a week).

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Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, Part 2

Hey everyone…thanks a million for being patient while I made a whole whack o’ changes to A GRAND REVIVAL over the last week or so.  It has been a lot of fun playing around with various themes, headers, backgrounds, widgets, formats, etc., and I am tickled pink with the results of my (somewhat obsessive) tweaking.

 Let’s take a quick look at what changes I have made…


If you’re a wordpress.com user, you know that there are a wide variety of free themes to choose from. Originally, I picked the “Bold Life” theme, as I found the grungy, antique-feeling paper texture, centered main title, and general esthetic appealing.  This theme also seemed befitting for the documentation of my 122 year-old home’s revival.  However, after a couple of months of blogging, I found I longed for some of the really cool features I had seen on other blogs.  So the search began for a blog that still interested me visually, but had more flexibility and features.

 Bold Life 


 A new blog that I follow using this theme is:


 Below are some of the themes I considered.

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Tag — You’re It!!!

Happy Monday, everyone!  Okay, who am I kidding?…Monday is probably my least favourite day of the week.


Mediocre Monday, everyone! 

This post will be brief, as I have just a few pieces of news to report.

1.  New Tagline

I have changed my tagline from “reviving style” to “grand improvements…humble budget”.  This new and improved tagline better reflects what I wish to convey through my blog: that you can drastically change the look of (or revive) your home, without having it cost a fortune.  Which is a great thing, ’cause my pockets aren’t too deep (hahaha & sigh).

2.  Updated About Page

I have also updated my About page to better reflect the purpose of A GRAND REVIVAL.  I hope that you will take a quick moment to check it out (here), and that my blog will help others as much as it is helping me.

3.  House Tour Coming (I Promise!)

I know, I know…it is super fun to check out other bloggers’ homes.  I promise I am diligently working on creating a House Tour for you.  Hopefully, it be done within the week!!!???  Stay tuned…

I wanna take a “peak”!

Oh, and I wanted to thank thriftykristy at Bliss again for nominating my blog for the “One Lovely Blog Award”.  What a great opportunity to connect with fellow bloggers…awesome!  

Revive ya later!                                                                                                           Angela (Revival Girl)

Image of notebook found here.