House Tour, Part 2 … Moving on Up ‘stairs’

Hey Party People!

Y’all ready to move on up to our second floor???

You are — well alright!  Let’s get this party started…


Floor Plan

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am just starting to learn the delicate art of using   Therefore, this floor plan of our upstairs is simply my best attempt to capture the odd design of our second floor.

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Painting: What I Love to Hate

Today is a day for CELEBRATION (get your groove on here)!!!

Every celebration needs cake, right? 

Wait — I’m actually more of a pie girl.

Mmmm…that’s better.  Virtual slice, anyone?

Okay, now I’m really hungry.  What’s this post about again????  Oh, right, CELEBRATING!  What am I celebrating, you ask???  Well, let me tell you.

Not only is this my 10th OFFICIAL POSTING, I also managed to finish painting both of my kid’s bedrooms during the last few weeks.  Woot woot…(I’m raising the roof, as we speak).  Yes, it’s true, I am super proud of myself.  Honestly, this is the most active I have been in a very long time (you can read all about how I challenged myself to paint two rooms in one month in ‘P’ainted Love).

In honour of today’s celebrations, and due to the fact that this is my 10th post, I thought it would be fun to come up with 10 things I LOVE about painting and 10 things I HATE about painting (can you tell that I have painting on the brain?).

But before that, here are the pictures I promised of Liam’s fancy green (Benjamin Moore’s Rosemary Sprig, to be exact) bedroom.

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Green With Envy

So sorry for the tardiness of this post.  I had a good excuse.  Michael and I just finished putting the last coat of paint on Liam’s bedroom.

And now, without further ado,


Liam’s brand spanking new and improved GREEN BEDROOM!!!

My apologies for the terrible picture.  The lighting was poor, as I took this picture around 10 pm.  And yes, I know this is only one corner of his room…I promise (pinky swear, even) to post better pictures asap!

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