From Survival to Revival, or The One Where I Open Up

Yay…the kids’ bedrooms are coming along nicely…only 16 days until the big reveals.

Wait — ahhhhhhh…only 16 days until the big reveals!!!

Excuse me a minute while a take a couple of deep breaths………………………………………..

Okay, I’m better now 🙂

So, I realize you were probably hoping this post would include a whole whack of progress pictures and maybe some details of a recent project.  Well, I hate to disappoint, but I have decided instead to finally open up about why A GRAND REVIVAL is not just about documenting the revival of our 122 year old Gothic Revival Cottage.

A GRAND REVIVAL was also created to help revive my own personal spirit and help me get in touch with the creative part of myself that was lost in the chaos that was 2011.

Why did I need a personal revival, you ask???

Well, pour yourself some tea, sit back, and I shall divulge.

Here’s my story…

In my post Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, I mentioned that 2011 was a year of unprecedented change (and not the good kind).

Interestingly, 2011 actually started off with on a positive note.  Both my children were attending school on a full-time basis for the first time, and I was all set to join my local library board, begin looking for employment after staying home with the kids for a couple of years, and make more time for some of my interests and passions: writing, visiting museums and art galleries, spending time in nature, and fostering a healthy, simple lifestyle.

I also had an amazing birthday, complete with bowling, a couple of beers, and some best buds.



However, the day after my birthday, I began to feel a little icky…not quite right…at first I thought it might have been from staying up a little too late and having a couple of drinks (I am not much of a drinker).  But the icky feeling got worse, even after some rest.


Here’s what happened next:

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Dear Fellow Revivers,

By now, many of you will have noticed that change has been afoot here at A GRAND REVIVAL.  Over the last week, I have been playing around with a new theme, reformatting (or at least attempting to reformat) my posts and pages, and contemplating the direction I wish the blog to go.  I ask for your patience during this time.  Change is not always easy, but we will get through this together (hahaha).

Thanks so much for your support and understanding.

Warm Regards,

Revival Girl

Need some relevant music to listen to while reading the rest of this post???  Of course you do!  Click here for David Bowie’s classic, “Changes”.

I have to say, I really like change — well, good change at least.  Ever have one of those years where your whole world turns upside down, and life as you know it suddenly changes (and not in a good way)?  I have. Mine was 2011 — the year of unprecedented change (and again, not the good kind). I pinky-swear (or pinky-square, if you’re my son Liam) that I will open up about the events of my last year, and finally get around to expressing how starting this blog has helped me pull out of a pretty dark place, later this week.

For now though, I will focus more on the sunnier side of the street.

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My “Grand Revival”

I am quickly learning how hard it is to add blogging to everyday life, and what type of time commitment a successful blog may actually take.  While I could totally beat myself up for not getting around to putting up the post I have been working on these last couple of weeks (le sigh), I have decided to take a deep breath, relax, and remember that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

For most of us, there are things in everyday life that seem to get in the way of what we want to achieve — crummy weather, interruptions from co-workers or kids, daily chores and errands, unsolicited phone calls — and I am by no means exempt from this unwritten rule.

Lately, I am recognizing my role in shaping just how much I can achieve in a day. However, I am at a crucial turning point in my life that requires me to buckle up and grab the reins in a way that seems foreign to me.

If only it was this easy (lol) !!!

The last decade of my life has been spent caring for my two children and being a student.  Translation: The last decade of my life has been spent doing what I needed to do; not what I always wanted to do.   For example, even though my schooling encompassed tons of research, reading, and writing (some of my favourite pastimes), I didn’t always have enough time to research, read, or write about topics that I would have necessarily chosen.  Oh yeah — and between the diaper changing, essay writing, exam taking, and complete lack of sleep and money, there was very little time for my actual passions to flourish.

Let me state for the record: in no way do I regret being a mother or gaining a higher education.  It’s just that now that my kids are getting older and my stint as a student is done (for now anyway, haha) — where does that leave me???  How do I return to doing things for me, such as writing for pleasure???  How do I make time in my everyday busy, crazy, hectic life for the things that fuel my spirit and make me feel alive???!!!

I suppose, like with my slightly neglected house, it is high time I rally the troops and jump in with both feet (wow — I really have a thing for analogies) … it is, indeed, time I revive my own life.  Time for me to be less like Frankenstein’s Monster and more like Dr. Frankenstein. Here’s to pulling the switch. Wish me luck!

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