Collection Chaos

So, do you remember me mentioning my daughter Lily’s ever-expanding collection of stuffed animals last week?

Well, being a boy of many interests, my 7-year-old son, unlike his sister, has trouble collecting just one type of object.  Over the years, Liam has built up collections of rocks, sticks, shells, pine cones, you name it…he even collected chicken bones from our dinners (he’s really big into archaeology) for a short time.  As you can see from the picture below, Liam’s collections have become slightly problematic.

I suppose it’s not his collections that are the issue, it’s the lack of proper display areas for them (though, there’s a limit to how many pine cones and chicken bones one tiny room can handle, lol).  I love that Liam is so interested in nature, but figuring out how to display his collections — in a way that promises to keep neat and tidy — now there is a problem that needs to be solved!

Since we moved into our house six years ago, Liam’s bedroom is the only room upstairs that has received zero treatment.  Let’s take a look…Liam’s room, as is:

View of Liam’s room from door.

At least Liam has some natural light coming in his room.

Did I mention Liam’s collection of LEGO???

Thank goodness for cheap, plastic bins!

Unfortunately, Liam’s smallish room (approx. 9′ x 9′) doesn’t have any closet space.  Though, considering the state of my daughter’s closet, that’s probably a good thing!

Lily’s closet.

Hey, didn’t I say “pay no attention to the ‘mess’ behind the curtain!”???

Needless to say, my son’s bedroom requires some significant organization and order.  Like with his big sister, I have spent some time with Liam discussing his bedroom’s upcoming revival.  Here are my first thoughts and impressions regarding Liam’s room.

Liam’s Room

Liam (in a nutshell): curious, observant, serious (at times), quirky, loves lizards and LEGO, interested in different cultures, history, nature, science, and learning about everything in between

Favourite Style: according to an easy Style Finder Quiz on REAL SIMPLE, Liam’s style personality is Vintage Eclectic

Favourite Colour: green (he also likes navy blue & orange)

Room Theme Key Words: natural, adventure, clean lines, vintage, old world, rustic

Room Features: odd-angled ceiling, carpet (to be removed), wood furniture and bed frame, no closet

Below are some great inspirational images that I have collected (it would be easier if all collections were virtual, n’est-ce pas?).

Okay, I just gotta say — I am drooling (figuratively speaking, of course) over the curated, museum-look of this space.  It is neat and tidy, and easy on the eyes.

(boy’s bedroom shelving from DecorPad)

How cute is this kid???  And, how sweet is this room???  The ceiling light looks like it is from an old school gym — LOVE.  I also really like the rustic feel of this room, from the warm wood behind the bed to the vintage, wooden trunk.

(boy’s bedroom from Apartment Therapy)

I really like the bedroom below on so many levels.   First of all, I adore the vibrant mix of colours.  Green, blue, and orange are smashing together, aren’t they?  I also love the layering of letters, frames, and images on the wall.  Most of all, I dig the use of a skid / pallet as a headboard!  Actually, Michael and I made a removable deck out of skids and basic pine boards, when we lived in our first apartment together.  Skids are truly a useful item to re-use and re-purpose.

(green and navy blue bedroom from Serena and Lily)

I will return on Friday to reveal the colours I have chosen for Liam’s room, and provide more details about his bedroom’s grand revival!




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